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PB S151-19E 4×4

Self-propelled Scissor lift

Working height:
15,00 m
Lift capacity:
500 kg
Total width:
1,93 m

• By the hydraulic extension the platform can be enlarged to the gigantic size up to 6,36 m x 1,88 m

• The front axle as a permanent swing axle and the two rear single leveling axles guarantee an excellent traction

• Even in a sloping position within 3° inclination and with ground pressure of the tires, the working platform can be moved at full height

• Ideal for use in contrary, confined and uneven conditions e.g. at inner city-, tunnel-, mining- or underground carpark works

Product description

The scissor lift PB S151-19E 4×4 is one of the innovative 4×4 TOP19 series of PB. With a working height of 15.00 m medium heights easily can be reached – both indoor and outdoor. The working platform with its dimensions 4.20 m length, 1.93 m width at a height of 3.24 m is quite compact.

The working platform with 4.11 m length x 1.88 m width is already in the “normal position” generously sized. By an automatic extension the platform can be enlarged within seconds to a 6.36 m x 1.88 m “mega-deck” . So enough space for up to 2 workers, materials and tools. The lifting capacity of impressive 500 kg ensures sufficient “power reserves”.

Equipped with a powerful, quiet and emission-free electric-hydraulic drive the PB S151-19E 4×4 masters – thanks to its 4×4-drive – even the most difficult terrain. Due to the automatic leveling system and the standard differential lock the user is able to maneuver the device on almost any ground with ease.

With a steering angle of 80°, a small turning radius of only 3.90 m and precisely proportional control (driving; lifting; lowering) the scissor lift is movable flexible and agile. Drivable at full height, a gradeability of 30% and a standard oscillating axle round off the specifications of the PB S151-19E 4×4 successfully.

Diagram PB S151-19E 4×4

4,11 m 2,25 m 1,93 m 2,38 m 4,20 m 3,24 m 13,00 m 15,00 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
15,00 m
Platform height
13,00 m
Lift capacity
500 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
500 kg
Total length
4,20 m
Total width
1,93 m
Total height
3,24 m
Wenderadius Außen
3,90 m
2,38 m
Total weight
7.599 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
2,25 m
30 %
Speed - stowed
1,40 km/h
Speed - raised
0,43 km/h
Electro-hydraulic drive
Battery capacity
625 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 13,25 m
Lifting capacity: 700 kg
Total width: 1,93 m