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Manufacturer of working platforms - IPAF registered
Quality from Germany since 1986

Today PB is the leading German manufacturer of scissor lifts in the compact class.

Platformers Business - made in Germany

Dieter Pawlowski, company founder and Managing Director, sums up why this is the case:

“We have always kept our word in terms of innovation and quality, which is one of the main reasons for this success. Our daily motivation for the best performance is the good cooperation with our customers. The constant exchange with innovative landlords and professional partners is our source of innovation. A high level of vertical integration at PB ultimately guarantees the quality and value retention of our products. “

But how did it come to this?

Take a look with us at over 30 years of company history.

PB Lifttechnik GmbH Maschinen Übersicht


Only the sky is the limit

We are proud to present what is probably the largest scissor lift ever built in the world: with a working height of 37.50 m, the PB S370-24ES 4×4 reaches heights that were considered impossible with scissor lifts just a few years ago.

PBs Mega-Schere 37 m Arbeitshöhe im eingefahrenen Zustand
PB große Elektro-Scherenbühne mit 27 und 32 m Arbeitshöhe


Even more scissor power for the extreme heights

PB expands its portfolio withTOP 14 + TOP 18 machines and adds two models to the TOP 24 series. These offer up to a whopping 32 m working height.


A new production hall incl. Office and social rooms was completed

It was finished at the beginning of 2017. Geared to future market requirements, the new PB hall offers, among other things, 2 overhead cranes and an eaves height of 10 meters. The transfer of production also provides PB Service with new possibilities to carry out maintenance and repair work more quickly and efficiently.

All in all: Platformers Business – made in Germany.

PB Neubau_Neue Fertigungshalle 2017
PB spanisches Büro


PB on course for internationalization: Spanish & English office opened

The interest of international markets in PB scissors is also growing visibly. As a result, sales on the English market are strengthened and a Spanish PB office is opened. But in order to keep pace with the expansion course, not only personnel resources but also corresponding space resources are of course necessary.


From now on, the PB TOP 24 machines will take you high above the ground.

The TOP 24 series not only sets a new working height benchmark for PB with up to 27 m, but also generally plays a big role in the scissors market. The same applies to the load, at which 1 (!) Ton is cracked for the first time. That not only makes domestic customers sit up and take notice, but …

PBs erste 27 m Elekro-Schere mit 1000 kg Tragkraft
PB ECo Serie Maschinenbeispiele


The PB Eco series expands the portfolio downwards

Sometimes less is more than sufficient, which is why we decided to expand our product portfolio with the 5-16 m PB ECo series. Perfect for areas of application that do not require extreme working heights, but only offer limited space. Compact, agile, fast – and completely emission-free. So thoroughly ECOnomic. From next year onwards there will again be other stages


Premiere of the Bühnenwiesn in-house exhibition. Oktoberfest meets the latest lifting technology

Working platforms meets Oktoberfest? For sure: PB celebrates its premiere with the Bühnenwiesn, an in-house exhibition on its own company premises. There, PB will present the latest work platform technology in conjunction with other well-known manufacturers and “garnish” the whole thing with a portion of blue and white Oktoberfest feeling. In the period that followed, the annual event established itself as a permanent fixture on the market

PB TOP 19 4x4 Geländeschere


Presentation of the PB TOP 19 4x4 series at Bauma

PB’s TOP 19 4×4 series will be presented to the industry at Bauma. And from then on it says: Difficult underground? No problem. From now on, the 4×4 TOP 19 all-rounders convince with full off-road mobility and autom. axle leveling. Combined with high lift capacity and a large mega deck platform. Worker’s heart, what more do you want?


New building: the PB customer center

Partners from all over the world test proven and new machines here, exchange technical know-how and personal experience, in short: practice an excellent partnership. You are also very welcome!

PB Kundencenter 2008
PB erste Erweiterung Firmengelände


Expansion of production capacities

There was an expansion of the production capacity. At the same time, the decision to build a new PB customer center is made.


Market launch of the PB TOP 12 and PB TOP 16 scissor lifts

The successful market launch of the PB TOP scissor lift series with PB TOP 12 and PB TOP 16 machines required changes.

PB autom. Stützensystem
PB Historie alte Produktion


Specialization in self-propelled working platforms

The company specialized exclusively in the production of self-propelled work platforms.