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PB ECo Mini

PB S63-8EL

Self-propelled Mini-Scissor lift

Working height:
6,30 m
Lift capacity:
230 kg
Total width:
0,81 m

• Powerful and environmentally-friendly electric-direct drive

• Enough power reserves for 2 workers, tools and materials with a load capacity of 230 kg

• Absolutely compact design, perfect in confined spaces, e.g. for storage and shelf works indoor and outdoor

• Great ground clearence thanks to its autom. pothole protection

Product description

The PB ECO S63-8EL is the second smallest member of the ECO-family, which still has a working height of 6.30 m. With its very compact design with 1.53 m length and 0.81 m width, the PB ECO S63-8EL is perfectly suited for work in confined spaces, both indoor and outdoor. This allows you, for example, to use the mini-working platform as a safe alternative to a ladder at shelf work or in small warehouses.

Through the powerful electro-direct drive and thereby given maneuverability you can lead the ECo S63-8EL accurate to the operation site. In use, the proportional control (driving + lifting) lifts the platform with loads of up to 230 kg precisely vertically upwards.

The PB ECO S63-8EL brings a <bon the scale, resulting in a low floor loading promises and therefore also protects delicate floorings. The super-compact design and the option to reduce the transport height by folding the rails to 1.89 m, allows a cheap transport of the mini-scissors. Furthermore the integrated forklift pockets facilitate additionally loading and unloading the working platform.</b

Diagram PB S63-8EL

1,35 m 0,81 m 1,89 m 1,53 m 2,14 m 4,30 m 6,30 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
6,30 m
Platform height
4,30 m
Lift capacity
230 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
113 kg
Total length
1,53 m
Total width
0,81 m
Total height
2,14 m
Wenderadius Außen
1,40 m
1,89 m
Total weight
992 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
25 %
Speed - stowed
3,48 km/h
Speed - raised
0,53 km/h
Electro-direct drive
Battery capacity
150 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 5,60 m
Lifting capacity: 230 kg
Total width: 0,76 m