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PB S370-24ES 4×4

Self-propelled Mega-Scissor lift

Working height:
37,50 m
Lift capacity:
750 kg
Total width:
2,40 m

• The PB S370-24ES 4×4 with its mighty 31.80 m working height is perfect for works in extremely heights – both indoor and outdoor

• The platform is also “huge”: 22.2 m² of working space or max. 10.50 m x 2.11 m and 750 kg load capacity offers the PB Mega-Deck to its users

• 100% Power & Performance: Powerful, eco-friendly electro-hydraulic drive, all-wheel drive and a standard differential lock guarantee persistent, powerful propulsion

• The PB scissor with its mighty dimensions is moved via sensitive proportional control for all directions (lifting, driving, lowering) and in combination with 2-axle steering it is precise and maneuverable

Product description

37.50 m working height is the global benchmark when it comes to reaching extreme heights with a scissor lift. And that is exactly what the PB S370-24ES makes possible. And the machine is not only impressive in terms of its working height, its other dimensions of 8.74 m length, 2.40 m width and 4.13 m height also speak for themselves.

In addition, the huge max. 10.50 m x 2.11 m platform – that’s almost 22.2 square meters! – provides plenty of working space for up to 4 workers + tools and materials. Mixed up with 750 kg load capacity.

The drive system is also very “modern”: Thanks to its emission-free and durable electro-hydraulic drive, the machine can be used even indoor in closed rooms in an absolutely environmentally friendly way.

The machine can be maneuvered via stepless, smooth proportional control for all directions (driving, lifting, lowering). Thus, despite the construction dimensions of the PB S370-24ES 4×4, the user retain full control of the machine at all times, even when space is limited. A standard 4-wheel drive and 2-axle steering bring the necessary flexibility and maneuverability.

The PB S370-24ES 4×4 has both an indoor and an outdoor approval and can be moved up to a height of 20 m (outdoor). A standard differential lock and a 15% gradeability complete the driving characteristics. The fully automatic support system ensures a safe and stable stand at all times at the push of a button, even on uneven ground.

Diagram PB S370-24ES 4×4

8,25 m 2,25 m 2,40 m 3,21 m 8,74 m 4,13 m 35,50 m 37,50 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
37,50 m
Platform height
35,50 m
Lift capacity
750 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
750 kg
Total length
8,74 m
Total width
2,40 m
Total height
4,13 m
Wenderadius Außen
9,06 m
3,21 m
Total weight
34.940 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
2,25 m
15 %
Speed - stowed
3,60 km/h
Speed - raised
0,23 km/h
Electro-hydraulic drive
Battery capacity
1240 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height
up to 20 m

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 32,02 m
Lifting capacity: 750 kg
Total width: 2,40 m