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PB S175-19EP

Self-propelled Scissor lift

Working height:
18,10 m
Lift capacity:
500 kg
Total width:
1,93 m

• The quiet and emission-free electro-hydraulic drive is e.g. ideal for assembly works in closed warehouses

• The front-oscillating axle makes an excellent traction at outdoor areas with difficult and uneven grounds possible

• A standard differential lock ensures dynamic propulsion

• By a hydraulic extension the platform can be enlarged to a gigantic max. 6.36 m x 1.88 m mega-deck

• 500 kg load capacity and a strong 18.10 m working height allows a lot of applications in medium-heights

Product description

The scissor lift PB S175-19EP based on the standard features of the PB TOP19 series and expands it by a oscillating axle.

The additional feature of the PB S175-19EP allows it, that a lot of operations e.g. workings at a building project can be combined. On the one hand the scissor lift can be used with its electro-hydraulic drive and its non-marking tires indoor at installation works as a quiet, emission-free and floor-saving machine. On the other hand afront-oscillating axle guarantees efficient and safe working on difficult grounds e.g. at assembly works on outdoor facades. Thereby a standard differential lock ensures dynamic propulsion.

Operations in middle high altitudes can be realized in a working height up to great 18.10 m.With max. 6.36 m x 1.88 m and 750 kg load capacity the mega-deck platform is optimally equipped to make easy works for up to 4 workers incl. heavy assembly tools and materials possible.

With its smooth proportional control for all functions (driving, lifting, lowering), its 80°-steering, 30 % gradeability and a turning radius of just 3.90 m the PB S175-19EP can be moved even at confined spaces with slight inclines agile and flexible. And if necessary at full working height, too.

With 4.20 m length, 1.93 m width and a height of 3.45 m the design of this scissor lift is a compact one. By folding down the platform rails the transport height can be reduced to 2.54 m, what benefits an easy transport and makes a drive through at very low vertical clearance possible.

Diagram PB S175-19EP

4,11 m 2,25 m 1,93 m 2,54 m 4,20 m 3,45 m 16,10 m 18,10 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
18,10 m
Platform height
16,10 m
Lift capacity
500 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
500 kg
Total length
4,20 m
Total width
1,93 m
Total height
3,45 m
Wenderadius Außen
3,90 m
2,54 m
Total weight
8.810 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
2,25 m
30 %
Speed - stowed
2,40 km/h
Speed - raised
0,40 km/h
Electro-hydraulic drive
Battery capacity
625 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 18,10 m
Lifting capacity: 500 kg
Total width: 1,93 m