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PB S160-13EL

Self-propelled Scissor lift

Working height:
15,80 m
Lift capacity:
320 kg
Total width:
1,27 m

• The sensitive proportional control (driving, lifting and lowering) makes the work for the operator as pleasant and efficient as possible

• With compact design and with folding railings, the machine fits even through 2-wing doors

• The emission-free and persistent electric AC drive work efficiently, powerfully and environmentally friendly

• With an impressive load capacity of 320 kg the scissor lift is predestinated for installation-, mounting- and maintenance work – whether in indoor or outdoor use

Product description

The PB ECo S160-13EL is the “largest” machine of the PB ECo series and enables a working height of 15.80 m and is equipped with efficient and emission-free AC drive motors. With the sensitive proportional control, the machine can be moved comfortably and the platform can be maneuvered vertically up and down.

The platform of the scissor lift offers a considerable size of 2.64 m x 1.12 m and a lift capacity of 320 kg. An additional extension of 0.90 m in the longitudinal direction increases the platform to a maximum of 3.54 m x 1.12 m, which means that 2 workers (indoor) and 1 worker (outdoor), including material and tools, have always enough work space.

The compactness of the PB ECo S160-13EL is primarily reflected in its dimensions: with a length of 2.80 m, a width of 1.27 m, and a total height of 2.74 m, the scissor lift is comparatively slim. With the easy foldable railing, the transport height can be reduced to an amazing low 1.94 m, which means that it also fits easily through common double-leaf doors.

Due to its low weight of 3,500 kg, its 90 ° steering and the small turning radius, the PB ECo S160-13EL can be moved quickly and easily – and it can be driven at its full height without any problems.

Diagram PB S160-13EL

2,64 m 0,90 m 1,27 m 1,94 m 2,80 m 2,74 m 13,80 m 15,80 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
15,80 m
Platform height
13,80 m
Lift capacity
320 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
113 kg
Total length
2,80 m
Total width
1,27 m
Total height
2,74 m
Turning radius outside
2,85 m
Transport height
1,94 m
Total weight
3.500 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
0,90 m
25 %
Speed - stowed
3,50 km/h
Speed - raised
0,80 km/h
Drive type
Dual front wheel AC electric drive
Battery capacity
300 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 14,00 m
Lifting capacity: 320 kg
Total width: 1,18 m