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PB S128-19E HT 4×4

Self-propelled Scissor lift

Working height:
12,85 m
Lift capacity:
900 kg
Total width:
1,93 m

• 2 in 1 machine: Emission-free indoor use thanks to its electro-hydraulic drive and with great offroad-abilities for difficult outdoor areas

• The front axle as a permanent swing axle and the two rear single leveling axles guarantee an excellent traction

• The Mega-Deck platform has got great 6.36 m x 1.88 m work space and a lift capacity of 900 kg

• Ideal for use in contrary, confined and uneven conditions e.g. at inner city-, tunnel-, mining- or underground carpark works

Product description

The scissor lift PB S128-19E HT 4×4 is one of the innovative TOP19 4×4 series from PB.

The PB S128-19E HT 4×4 with 12.85 m working height combines two machines in one: One the one hand you can use it for example at a construction site-project as a 2WD indoor-machine. Because of its electro-hydraulic drive and its non-marking tires the scissor lift works absolutely emission-free, clean and quite. On the other hand the machine can be also used easily and efficient as a full 4×4-outdoor machine.

The actively controllable oscillating axle in the front has a leveling of 250 mm, the separate leveling rear axles of 380 mm. So even a difficult, uneven terrain can be driven smoothly. Another advantage is that all 4 wheels have almost permanent contact at driving maneuvers and thus full traction.

The 4.11 m x 1.88 m platform of the PB S128-19E HT 4×4 can be extended automatically to a 6.36 m x 1.88 m Mega-Deck within a few seconds. Therefore enough space for up to 4 workers, materials and tools. The platform ensures with impressive 900 kg lift capacity also a lot of „power reserves“.

With a steering angle of 80°, a turning radius of 3.90 m the scissor and its precisely proportional control (driving, lifting, lowering) can be moved flexible and agile. The features “drivable at full height”, a gradeability of 30% and a standard differential lock round off the specifications of the PB S128-19E HT 4×4 successfully.

The scissor lift weighs only 7.900 kg and by folding down the platform rails, the transport height can be reduced to 2.30 m. This facilitates the transport and the pass through of low clearance heights.

Diagram PB S128-19E HT 4×4

4,11 m 2,25 m 1,93 m 2,30 m 4,20 m 3,25 m 10,85 m 12,85 m

Technical data

Technische Daten
Working height
12,85 m
Platform height
10,85 m
Lift capacity
900 kg
Lift capacity platform extension
900 kg
Total length
4,20 m
Total width
1,93 m
Total height
3,25 m
Wenderadius Außen
3,90 m
2,30 m
Total weight
7.900 kg
Technische Daten 2
Platform extension (scissors)
2,25 m
20 %
Speed - stowed
2,40 km/h
Speed - raised
0,40 km/h
Electro-hydraulic drive
Battery capacity
625 Ah
Area of application
indoor + outdoor
People indoor
People outdoor
Drivable at full height

Technical data are subject to change.


Working height: 12,85 m
Lifting capacity: 900 kg
Total width: 1,93 m