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Not only the 37.50 m working height is impressive, the other dimensions also ensure a easy use in high altitudes. The dimensions 8.74 m length x 2.40 m width x 4.13 m height also speak a clear language here.

In addition, the huge platform measuring max. 10.50 m x 2.11 m – that are roundabout 22.2 square meters! – That’s an extremely large working area for up to 4 workers with possibly tools + material. A lift capacity of 750 kg is available here.

Completely in the sign of the times: The indoor machine is absolutely environmentally friendly, even in closed rooms, thanks to its emission-freeand durable electro-hydraulic drive.

Other features of the mega-scissors for a plus of safety and handling are:

• Fully automatic support system
• 4 wheel drive
• 2-axle steering
• Differential lock

PB bundles its decades of experience and know-how in the field of scissor lift technology in this PB S370-24 ES 4×4, so works can be done safely and efficiently even at such enormous heights.

And customers are also convinced of this: Three pieces of the new model are currently being delivered to the first customers.

Also the side profile impresses: PBs current largest machine

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